I live close to Poznan (Poland in Europe). My photography passion started over decade ago during international trips around Europe where I was always accompanied by camera. About 5 years ago my attention turned into studio photography. This allowed me to better understand nature of light and effectively use it to create pictures of people I had in my mind

Photographying people satisifes me the most. Portraits, kids, family events, fashion, street photography and fine art are the main areas of my interst. I always try to find the best look of someone and then using light, framing, retouch highlight what is beautiful.

If I can help you in realization of any photography project do not hesittate contacting me. I still develop my passion and like challenges


Beginning of studio photography

A few years ago at the turn of 2013/2014 I began to develop my knowledge about light modifiers and studio photography techniques. Due to the lack of space required at home I decided to rent a small space for studio. At that time I only knew that ceiling should be as high as possible and the walls should be white or gray so they don't modify the color of light copming from strobes. An additional accelerator of further decisions related to studio photography was meeting the young designer Daniel Bartczak who inspired me to shoot fashion. I was surprised how challenging and extiting fashion photography can be. About interaction with a model, posing, lighting setups separate guides could written. From session to session I gianed experience and my studio photography gear was growinng - umbrellas, softboxes, beauty dishes, grids filled the available space. Then I changed my studio location and had the pleasure of sharing a workspace with another experienced photographer - Magda Turkel. Larger space and even more ... gadgets. Currently we have equipment for studio photography that is sufficient for the majority projects. I realize photo shootings in dedicated locations - studio, apartments, open air.